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Do's & Dont's When Hiring A Professional Cleaner

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

If you've never hired a professional cleaning company you may have some questions about the Do's & Dont's of cleaning day, or as I like to call it Homeowner Etiquette.

Hiring a professional cleaner to come into your home for hours at a time multiple times a month is a big step, and a leap of faith. Your putting your trust in someone you don't know and leaving most likely your largest assets in the hands of strangers. It's okay to be a little weary in the beginning, but don't be so weary that you make your cleaners uncomfortable and you miss out on a good cleaning experience because you don't know the process of what's to be expected on your end or the cleaners end.

Of course you want to do your due diligence. Read company reviews, if its mostly good and you see just a few bad ones more than likely they are a good company ( we can't please them all). Then pick up the phone and speak to someone ( I know, god forbid you have to pick up the phone and talk to someone! But this is your home, its worth putting in the extra work). And ask questions! If you don't know, ask! If your unsure, ask! Theres no dumb questions! Make sure the cleaners are background checked, and make sure the company has insurance in case something happens so your covered!

Okay, Now here we go!

Tip #1 - Don't watch your cleaners work

Yes, its good to be there the first time the cleaners come, but don't be weird and follow them around the house! You'll make them nervous and they probably won't do a good job. Do you like people watching you work? I bet you don't, its uncomfortable and probably makes you nervous.

After you introduce yourself and give the cleaners a tour and explain entry and exit information, go get yourself some lunch, or go see a movie. Cleaners clean best when your not home! Thats just the way it is. We feel more comfortable and do more then we normally would. Vs. when your home following us from room to room talking to us or watching us. I 100% gaurantee if you do that you will have a hard time keeping good cleaners.

If you really want to be home go to the basement or a room not being cleaned and hang out until they are done.

Tip #2 - Do pick up your clutter

Cleaners are not maids! We are not there to clean up your clutter. Cleaners clean surfaces. How can we clean your kitchen counters when its covered with food, toys, and papers. We don't know where your stuff goes! Now, my company does offers light tidying up. We will pick up toys left around by the children if there are toy boxes, we will put mail in a neat pile on the table, fold throw blankets. General stuff like that. But if you need a weeks worth of toys picked up and organized, two months of mail collected from all around the house and put in a bin its going to take away from the time it takes to clean.

Tip #3 - Do let Us know if Something is loose or broken

The worse feeling in the world for a cleaner is to break something in your home. We feel awful about it. But then it's even worse when we find out it was already loose or broken and it could have been prevented. Just give your cleaners a heads up and we will skip that item all together so we don't make it worse. You've perfected how to jimmy the microwave door handle open thats hanging on by a thread, we don't!

Tip #4 - Do Crate your animals

Not everyone is animal friendly. Some of us are terrified of dogs. ( Not me, I have a 150 pound mastiff) but a lot of people are. We don't want to get attacked because a dog thinks were breaking in. And we don't want a small cat or dog sopping up something out of our cleaning caddies that can be poisonous. It's best to put any animals away when your cleaners are coming.

Tip #5 - Don't look for dirt

After your cleaners have packed up and left you may feel the urge to go around with a white glove and inspect. I promise you, you will find dirt, you will find a hair and you will find a crumb. Cleaners are not perfect and we won't be able to remove 100% of the dirt. Within minutes of us leaving dust will began to settle, and the process that makes things dirty begins again. If it looks clean and smells clean, its clean. Now if you see something big like the stove top was missed or they didn't vacuum a rug mention it the next time they come out. But don't make a big fuss about the little things.

Lastly, don't forget to leave your cleaners a review!

Reviews are better than tips, reviews help businesses grow and if you like their service and they leave your house cleaner then it was before let them know you were pleased.

Are you ready to hire a cleaner now that you know the Do'd & Dont's of having professional cleaners? Get a free quote HERE! It only take 30 seconds and we won't hassle you!

As always thanks for reading! And make the world a cleaner place!

Tamara Latimore

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