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What is a Standard Clean?

Your Ultimate Guide to what to expect when booking a standard clean.

So, what is a standard clean? A standard clean follows a standard process to maintain a clean home. Standard cleans include regular chores like dusting, vacuuming and mopping (just to name a few). Standard cleans should be done regularly and on a consistent basis to maintain a clean and healthy home.

If you've never hired a professional cleaning service or are curious about what a standard clean is keep reading.

Here, I'll list everything included in a standard clean.


How often should I get a standard clean?

Well, That depends on how many people live in your home, how much time you spend at home, if you have pets, do you wear your shoes many variables!

It's my suggestion to EVERYONE to get a bi-weekly Clean. A bi-weekly clean happens every two weeks! This is the best option for big families, small families, single people, people with or without pets. It literally works for everyone!

If you only have this service once a month, dust and dirt builds up and theres more work to do and takes longer. If you get it done every week, it could be too much and not enough work to do! So the happy medium is bi-weekly.

Ex: What would happen if you only cleaned your toilet bowl once a month? A ring would probably form and that icky stuff would began to build up at the bottom of the bowl. And nobody likes seeing that!

What is included in a standard clean?


Clean counters and backsplash

Clean exterior appliances (Microwave, Stovetop, Fridge, Toaster, Coffee Machine)

Wipe cabinet faces

Sanitize sink

Empty cash and replace liner

Sweep & mop floor


Bedrooms/ Living room/ Dining room/ Common areas

Whats our process and why are we so fantastic and efficient?

Because we use a proven process! Top to bottom and left to right! We start at one end of the room and using this process work our way around the room until everything its done.

Can you add items to a standard Clean?

Let's say you have guests coming and you want to spruce things up a little mere than usual; for instance cleaning inside your microwave, or cleaning inside your fridge or oven, you can always "add on" those items for an extra fee.

Should you try a professional cleaning company?

I think if your looking up what a standard clean is its safe to say the thought has come across your mind to hire someone to do the cleaning for you. Maybe I'm wrong. But as a wife with 4 kids and a dog I highly suggest you try it! For no other reason than to give yourself some free time and a break. Let someone else do the dirty work once in a while ( hopefully you pick us) and give your self a break. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves because we are so worried about doing everything else and taking care of everyone else. Well who's taking care of you?

Not having to clean the bathrooms on the weekend after a long work week is an amazing feeling. Coming home after your house has been professionally cleaned literally creates a sense of ease and sets the tone for relaxation.

Im not just saying this because I own a cleaning company but because so many of my clients are so grateful for what we do. We take a burden off their shoulders and give back valuable time they can be doing something they enjoy. We are well equipped and prepared for the best and worst of situations, we don't judge and we help people! And sometimes we all need a little help.

You can get a free no obligation quote here! Just fill in the form and we will send you a quote! No obligation to book and I promise, we won't harass you! Or you can subscribe to our flat rate biweekly cleaning rates! We try to make it as easy as possible for you.

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