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To Tip Or Not To Tip?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

That is the question!


If you have cleaners that come to your house on a regular basis or every so often, you may be asking yourself do I leave a tip?

The easy answer is....Got ya, there is no easy answer!

As the owner of a cleaning business you might say I'm biased, but I swear to you I'm NOT!

Let me ask you a question. Do you tip your hairdresser/Barber or nail tech every time you get a service? Do you leave a tip when you get a message? Do you tip your caddy after a round of golf? Ahhhhhhh Im going to guess most of you do!

And why is that?

More than likely you left a tip because they did a service for you that you appreciated! A service that made your life easier, and gave you back precious time to do more of what you enjoy. And as a token of your appreciation for a good service you leave a little something to say thank you!

So my answer is yes! Tip your cleaners! Here or there, at Christmas or on every cleaning, whatever works for you. At some point in the year leaving a little extra something goes a long way for your cleaners morale and they know they are appreciated but more importantly that they are doing a good job. Most service people want to know when they are doing good!

Is tipping a MUST?

Absolutely not! Tipping is not mandatory. Is it nice to give Kathy an extra $5 because you appreciate how well she scrubbed your toilet or made your shower doors shine? Absolutely its nice and well appreciated. But its not necessary.

If you aren't a tipper or you can't tip for financial reasons but you still need the service, it is necessary to tell your cleaner when they have done a good job! And it is so unbeleivably helpful to leave a positive review if you like the service!

Christmas gifts aren't bad either! We are completely spoiled when the holidays come around! Our clients go all out for all of us at the end of every year and we all look forward to it. We always feel so valued and appreciated every year!


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